Welcome to Ganguan Xiao Shou

Section Xing Steel Pipe Company is an agent of Tianjin Pipe Corporation, a strategic partner. The state Administration for Industry and Commerce registered as production, sales, processing, and transportation in one of the major professional steel, logistics enterprises. Acting seamless steel pipe plant in Tianjin, all the products. Seamless steel pipe Distribution Company widely used in petrochemical, military, shipbuilding, aerospace, hydraulic cylinders, coal mines, steel, pipe fittings, machining, bridges and other industries and fields.

The company has always followed: service first, quality first, reasonable price, customer first, courteous service, Rangli customers, small profits but quick turnover for the principle of honesty and trust for the purpose. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate, power conference!

Availability: Common specifications, are spot; special materials, special specifications, if the larger number of products to order, delivery time is 15 days -35 days!

Companies can provide customers with the following services:

◆ customers are free to choose the length or other requirements required;

◆ behalf of the booking, purchasing all kinds of special specifications and materials;

◆ adjust the library lack of specifications, eliminating the hard work you rush around the procurement;

◆ agent transport, large quantities can be shipped directly to your designated location;

◆ holidays do not rest, come with the sale of steel pipe, the company responsible for the overall quality of tracking, for you to rule out worries.